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 Bose Seva Kendra repair solutions for professional audio equipment

Bose Seva Kendra  is an effort by Bose Corporate to provide appropriate     services to users and customers of this audio product from the United States. Known as a company that produces  different audio systems for  personal use, such as mobile or for professional audio requirements, vigorously    protects its patent rights  .

Since Amar Bose was founded in 1964, the brand has become famous in the international audio technology. Other products Its patents and their own commerce are already called quality and trustworthy products for personal or professional use.

Bose products are made in the United States, Mexico, China and Malaysia. In addition to manufacturing audio equipment such as speakers Newspapers or loudspeakers, it has supplied audio systems to many global carmakers since 2007.

To maintain the consumer benefits of its products, Bose service centers are open in different countries and are accessible both offline and online You can apply for a repair service  for people experiencing problems or asking about various Bose products using a website or a call center.

You can apply for repair using a unique serial number belonging to each Bose device. They each have a location code and serial number as an identifier and are A symbol that this product is originally a product. This serial number is an ID is very important to operating the service.

Search for Bose product sequencing numbers

Each Bose manufacturer’s products have a unique serial number or four-digit code number displayed on the original or packaging product. Usually found easily on the bottom or back of the product. This serial number in some products is registered near barcode.

Code with 17 digits for most products, or 4 digits of a product in a mobile product.Serial numbers can only contain numbers or can be added with letters so that it became a combination Bose Seva Kendra, this series is used when accessing  the service.

With this product serial number, it confirms the authenticity of the goods you buy and makes it easier to connect to Bose Connect, Music, Sleep, and Here apps. Attaching your audio devices to these applications will also help you find a serial number  if you don’t find them.

Go to the app – Settings – product information and you’ll find a series for the device you own. Knowing the unique range of devices, it gets easier when You want to report the service to the service center.Special series can also be learned through the books, filters and intelligence of the device.

If you have not yet found your device’s only serial   number, please contact the bose service center.  The  administrator helps check See the serial number. To contact and provide information about the device, it will then be verified directly by the product.

Bose Audio product repair service

Every item used will actually be damaged over time, although the product comes from a well-known and resilient brand to long services Either way, but it does not rule out the possibility that the damage will occur. the same is true of Bose audio equipment, especially if it is not cleared Right.

When experiencing equipment damage, the best way is to use authorized service assistance because repairs are carried out with soap Security guarantees and guarantees. If you want to use the audio device repair service ,   you can go to the Bose service center .

If you don’t  want to worry about coming to the service directly, you can use the online service by visiting by contacting the nearest contact service center.  If  you want  to use offline or online  service, You should start by entering a special number of devices (serial number).

However, even if you don’t know the special number of devices you will not rest easily, you can ask the service team to check. If you come to the center That direct service deal will be conducted with a direct look at the device, but if you do it online  you can send pictures or videos of The tools you have.

The product repair service can only be offered in the original product. So if the number of series cannot be detected, it means the device cannot be displayed Right and repair cannot be made at the service center, so it is very important to make sure that the product is entirely real when you buy.

Launching a new product repair service

If you want to apply to repair offline products at the Bose Service Center personally, you should take the device to the service center. Then you Technical will check the series number. Then if you pass a series test, it will be processed immediately at the registration desk. The group will then examine the damage to the device.

It usually takes 1×24 hours to review the damage. Once it is known, you will be given information about the damage and how to repair it. In addition , customers will also be notified of repair costs to obtain if they come off the insurer. Once a customer agrees to the costs, the repairs, the repairs Will be implemented.

Repairs can take up to 7 working days depending on the difficulties of repairs. Customers will be contacted after work The repair is completed to get the cargo. Depending on the repair section for repair guarantees for at least 1 to 3 months.

If you apply for repairs  at a bose online service center. This can be done via the website  or   contact the hotline.  Then fill in the product for Technician reservations by complementing in absolute names and addresses and encounterable contact numbers. Enter the serial number of a device or 4 character code.

Then admin checks and schedules the time for the technician’s visit.  Then it’s a matter of waiting for a team of technicians to come to check. After being tested, you will be notified about cooking Losses suffered by equipment and how to repair them and its costs. If they remain for a guaranteed period, the fee will be free.

Sales of products and other furniture

In addition to providing repair and search number services, Bose Seva Kendra also provides services to curious  customers The latest and oldest products. So  customers can find out the latest Bose products before deciding to buy one.

Not only that, you  can also buy a range of original products  and accessories in a direct or online way.  purchases The furniture can be adapted and  served directly to the devices you have at the point of sale or access to the official Bose site and store.

There are a wide selection of speakers, dramas, theatres, phones and health products.  You can see the features of The entire product and watches the display  via video display.All devices  are real products and can be used and attached to appropriate applications Jehovah’s Wit

Official guarantees ensure you get the best product and when you run into trouble during the guarantee you can immediately claim at the centre Aid. Having a free part ensures that your device remains available for longer. Therefore, it is not the type of device that will be abandoned after damage.

For full information on products and the availability of free sections, you can check directly on the or contact Center Center To make it easier  ,  you can have an account on the official website so that you can get the latest information and the best promros.

Bose’s varied audio equipment has a good duration but does not rule out the possibility of damage. if  your device breaks  down, be sure This has a serial   number marker for the first time.You can then go directly to a Bose service center or use an online service  .

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