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West  Java  Provincial Health Office  role in Covid-19 fight


Against the covit-19 outbreak  , which has so far not been lost, the West Java Provincial Health Office has made a lot of efforts; the reason is that West Java itself is one   of the sites  infected with the virus itself, which is large.   In just one week  , the number of patients has increased.


According to the  Western Java  Information and  Coordination Center,  the most  numerous cases have occurred in the Bekasi area. but even so, the highest rate of recovery is still found in Bekasi.There are still many  West Java residents in the covid case care.  For those who are positive, it will be carried out in isolation.


You can do the isolation process either in your hospital or your own home.           For the case of the virus, it is said to end if the patient recovers or even dies  ;Meanwhile, in  Western Java itself,  there are  many cases of people dying from covid.


The positive case nature of the covid itself can also be arbitrary.    It depends on how to manage it. So, the government and health offices in West Java province have also made a series of efforts to reduce the death toll of covid-19  patients.   Until now, the role of health workers has been necessary.


 West Java health workers vaccinated


To reduce the number of deaths or infections,  the government of the West Java Provincial Health Office   involved has also done a lot of things  .   Like the new model, this person is doing the vaccine.  In Fact, in Indonesia, the vaccine came out  , but for the recipient, not all of it.


The first recipient of the vaccine was health workers and related parties; in West Java alone, about 80% of health workers themselves were vaccinated against COVID-19 with a sinovac vaccine.   The vaccine, also obtained by the government itself, is still out of reach of all health workers in West Java.


This is because everyone will get two doses.  So that even if it is lacking, the West Java government will try to get immediate concessions to be able to implement it.  Even  the West  Java Provincial Health Office will provide vaccines to vaccinate its citizens.   Even if something interferes with the injection process  , it can be overcome immediately.


For the number of vaccines needed by west Java residents themselves, they had to wait again.   Because the population living in this region itself is very self-contained.  In fact, the numbers are the largest in Indonesia.   In order for the administration of the vaccine to be carried out in various stages as well  .    But even so, everyone will be given a breast milk vaccine.


In addition, other problems arising from the administration of this vaccine are due to the transparency and disadvantages of the injected species  .    Many residents declined vaccination because there was no  MUI and BPOM.   However, legal izationfrom the two institutions eventually causes Western Javaneses to want to be vaccinated  .


Puskesmas play a role in the fight against Covid-19


In combating this case of the virus, the  West Java Provincial Health Office and  the government have also begun to build projects, namely integrated health centers and winners.   At the start of the implementation of a program to tackle the virus itself  , the government distributed large numbers of health workers.


Previously, a health center that relied on dealing with covid cases was also in a state of repair.    But improvements are now underway where health workers at the health centre dedicated to covid patient care  are mixed.   So that he will eventually take care of other diseases  .  This makes the vaccine ineffective in practice.


Meanwhile, to deal with the case of the virus itself, it must be special and severe.  So previously, health workers in the pipeline had not been able to do the best work.   For the latest project to be built  , it is an integrated health center to manage specific covid cases  .   The project was created by the Government of West Java.


The government hopes that with new health workers stationed in puskesmas, it can maximize its  efficiency.   The role of the West Java Provincial Health Office   to make the project a success is also very important  .    Meanwhile, the West Java government  itself is calling for a greater number of new medical personnel to be placed in puskemas.


This approach itself is one of the innovations that the West Java government  has undertaken to overcome this outbreak of the virus. through improving the role of puskesmas to deal with this.   As a result, there are more and more human resources so such projects can be successfully operated.


Optimize Integrated Puskesmas and Champions


Regarding inclusive puskesmas and champions or puspa, this is  a new  approach  from the provincial government and the  West Java Provincial Health Office  to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.This is carried out by improving the role of puskesmas themselves.In some areas of West Java has been used.


Through this puspa program, the government has collaborated between professions to participate in various fields of work; this is used to improve the use of tracking, testing, and treatment.Not only that, but also to provide a maximum of 3 M set by the government.


This is also enforced to be able to cope with the maximum outbreak of the virus. The purpose of creating this puspa project is to enable the community to be obedient to use3 M.   Previously, health workers who were asked to take care ofcovid themselves have also worked on things other than the virus outbreak.


Meanwhile, the chief task of medical officials to take care of themselves in line with the provisions of the  West Java Provincial Health Office  is specifically to overcome coronary problems.They ask to know about people who are actually affected by the virus and have to report it and come to the sanitation center The relevant dimensions.


A team from this puspa itself will also be tasked with tracking closely connected residents. Given that before, there were not many cases that had been successfully tracked. So it needs to be adjusted to maximize the performance of the projects that the West Java government has done before.   Puspa will be distributed throughout the area in West Java.


Mobile Posyandu for red zone


In the midst of this coronavirus outbreak, the government and the West  Java Provincial Health Office continue to prioritize the health of its  people.Of course, you still have to implement the protocols set by the government.However, specifically for areas in the red zone, these basic health activities are ongoing.


Health workers with the relevant parties will carry out mobile posyandu to  reduce death cases due to other things.The health program itself is run by medical staff with relevant equipment by coming directly to people’s homes.  The organization itself will be carried out in accordance with the current regulations.


Working techniques are adjusted to demand alone. In general, the posyandu itself is done by assembling in one place. However, by going around this, people stay ingested only at home, later to be visited directly from the western Java regional medical authorities.  To provide the implementation itself is consistent with what is needed.


The current covid-19 outbreak that is still crowded has caused many sectors to suffer problems.  But protocols are now in place to make the spread minimal; death cases are still decliningand recovery cases are increasing with the help of communities that comply with government regulations and the  West Java Provincial Health Office.

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