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Mandiri Bank Call Center is an online service specifically designed to make it easier for customers. Users can communicate for any information. This feature is supported by the system, making it easy for you to access whenever and wherever you are.

Mandiri carries the concept of full service 24 hours a day and is included in the section as the largest financial company in the country officially registered on the IDX website. The company was first founded and operated in 1998. This bank is part of restructuring activities, initiated by the Government of Indonesia.

The origin of Mandiri’s creation was only the result of the problems that hit the country so that it established four banks, one of which was Papindo, who was suffering at the time from a crisis. Along the way, its products including savings and loans have been improved.

As one of the local state-owned banks, Mandiri has strived to become a successful and leading financial trading entity so that it can make different progress. Significantly, the company has established a new programme, targeting the SME sector in society, as well as retail activities.

Easy to use 24-hour call center feature

All Indonesians have access to the Mandiri Bank call centre for a full day without stopping. Customers also get comfortable with advanced systems support. Some of the features that can be accessed include M-mobile, calls, debit cards, the Internet and business owners.

With full feature support to help facilitate the different activities customers want so they can work smoothly. Start asking suggestions or questions about general service products through the features available in accordance with the procedures set by the financial company. Products such as credit cards are a very attractive way for customers.


So with Mandiri Call, all customers can communicate directly with the administrator 24 hours a day. Complaints you face can be answered directly by professional bank CS. It is also easy to make various payments ranging from car loans, PDAMs, tokens, tickets, credit or BPJS.

To file various complaints, you can contact the Mandiri Bank Call Centre directly on 14000. This contact can be accessed by members or customers listed on a specific location list, particularly java, North Sumatra, Kalimantan and many islands in the central region such as Bali-NTT.

For customers living outside the territory, they can access it through (021) 5299-7777. To see how much it costs to connect once, this feature is fairly cheap. The price also applies to telkomsel, Indosato XL and many users provided at a cost of no more than 2000,000 per minute.

Easy to make transactions through electronic banking

Mandiri Bank’s call centre not only operates 24 hours a day, but also facilitates non-cash financial transactions. To get it, you need to apply for registration first through the nearest ATM. Or if difficulties can be helped because there are officers who are willing to serve wholeheartedly.

The short registration method is easy, you first need to enter a debit card and a special code at the ATM. Look for a registration list via e-banking and the list that says Mandiri registration. Only then can you follow the commands on the device’s screen. Create a number and make sure no one else has access to your account.

If you are interested in knowing the product and more information, please re-access the Mandiri Call Center list for the bank to ask some questions about lists that have not yet been understood. Cs officials are ready to help with any complaints or transaction problems there is no time limit.

Another process that can make it easier for us to communicate directly with central services is to use a contact list on the Mandiri website. You can access the web from your smartphone by clicking,id. Moreover, the customer will receive a request form.

Fill out the list of forms by typing the subject, name, email, writing the message you want to send and clicking the Send button. This is another way to connect to another version of the help center if you don’t have time to call CS directly. After sending the application process, wait for the next answer from the consumer service.

Mandiri Bank Official WhatsApp Account

The Contact Center at Bank Mendery is now easier thanks to an official information list that can be accessed using the WHATSapp SMS app. This method is provided by the company in an attempt to provide maximum service without having to communicate directly with customer service.

Mandiri has a WhatsApp account with +6281 184 14000, which is accessible free of charge and using the Internet only. Also learn about the company’s official WA properties where there is a green sign logo on the side.

The green badge in the form of a sign is the identity of the company’s official owner so that customers can identify whatsapp for the business and communicate directly with it. Mandiri’s official Wa is a very important original number as well, and is limited only to certain verified accounts. This means that not all business owners can get them.

To make sure whatsapp number is correct, customers can select the message box section. There is already an inscription “This chat is displayed with the official business account of Mandiri Bank”. WA contacts can be saved manually and the official name will automatically appear with the green badge logo.

Whatsapp’s number was displayed on mandiri bank call center number, head office address, email and website information. Besides being able to send messages, we can also make calls/videos to connect directly to customer service remotely. This method is often used when making savings online.

Easy complaint process with call center

The process of filing a service complaint, you can contact CS Mandiri during working hours or at any time you relax. The company has obtained official permission from the Financial Services Authority or OJK in relation to the process and mechanism of filing complaints, especially when customers face problems during transactions.

There are options that make it easy to file a complaint either verbally or in writing. First select the Mandiri Bank Call Center option by typing 14,000 or visiting the branch office near your home. You can also write a message to the email In addition, we can access the Twitter account on @mandiricare.

For telegram users, please file a complaint, question or seek advice and information at 0811-8414-000. The entire submission process will be handled easily and quickly, answered directly by a professional CS and then obtained a complaints sequence number.

CS Bank will receive your call/message, and then register all complaints. Mandiri Bank call centre staff are tasked with answering questions in a short time so they don’t make customers wait too long. Some suggestions are made immediately and the officer will act accordingly according to the type of complaint.

After you agree to an answer based on the complaint submitted, this process will be considered complete. On the contrary, if you do not find a common point, the executing employee immediately offers special mediation facilities with the help of OJK and LAPSPI.

For complaint requirements, customers are required to attach identities such as names, account numbers, and problem information in the form of photo attachments to other supporting documents. Now using the 24-hour Bank Mandiri call center menu, you don’t have to be confused about getting information and looking for solutions to common problems.

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