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Infinix Service Center Pick Me Up , here ‘s the conditions for It

The caronics of this contemporary technology should be familiar with the Infins Service Centre . Inphoenix is one of the major companies that has now expanded its business in the field of spilt phone . With the arrival of this latest product , this means that Infinix already has more than 10 products to sell .

One of the most widely used enphine products is a scorephone. The company ‘s latest product is equipped with qualified specifications , which are very popular with gamers . It is no surprise that the sale of the latest scorephone products has increased .

Infinis provides service centres in different parts of Indonesia to ensure that all employees receive maximum service . This is to ensure that customers can get help quickly if they have problems using the product . In this way you can  easily destroy the device .

The number of services at the Inphoenix Services Center is not the same as other symphony brand . In any case , to increase its services ,  the company provides me with an infins service center  . This service is provided to product users who want to serve the equipment but are far from the service centre .

Infinix is what I have raised to serve

Raise my service is a service from The Infinic Indonesia Company , especially for product users away from the service centre . Infinics products users who have the right to use this service if the distance to the nearest service centre is more than 30 kilometres . With this service , you no longer need to go to the service centre , but officers who will come home .

In order to be able to use the above service , the infinker product karunki only needs to electronic messages. Then there will be corriers or workers from the Infinisk company who will raise the product to be repaired . Otherwise , this device will be transferred to the nearest service centre according to a complaint sent by Karunki .

Karunki will usually receive an immediate response email to complain to the Enfinix Service Centre . If you meet the terms and conditions of this service , it will come one day later . Make sure this device is well twisted to keep it safe from home to the nearest service centre during the trip .

This infiner serves me usually every Monday- Friday from 09.00 am to 17.00. To verify complaints , karunki will usually wait for 1×24 hours . Infins products users need to fill in some personal information such as name , address , mobile number , city of residence , skin code , lifting time , security phone type , IMEI number , product color and damage , and include product photos .

Raise my terms of use of the Infinix Service Center

Not all infiniser products can use this best service . In any case , there are conditions and conditions set by the company for employees when they want to try to raise my service . Some of these conditions include :

  1. Only infinics products that are still guaranteed can use my lifting service
  2. The screw seal on the product has not been opened or has never been opened .
  3. Infinix product is in good condition and does not break the thach screen and LCD
  4. It still has a warranty card and there is evidence of purchase of the product
  5. Send product status photo and official infinix email
  6. Package of infinitic products for lifting coriander items is good

This product still requires a basic guarantee if you want to use this infinite services center to pick me up . The product guarantee may be lost and invalidated if the user himself has made a mistake . One of them is like a loss because of the causes of human error , the guarantee will not be claimable .

In addition , equipment that has already been separated will not be able to obtain guarantees . So if you still have a warranty period , you should take it directly to an official service centre to get the best service .

For employees whose warranty period has expired , they can still use the Infinic Services Centre , but it is not a fee or other free  . This fee is usually for the cost of the money . In informal places , it would be better if you were only the official service centre . Go .

List of official infinicservices centres in Indonesia

Inphoenix is an official service centre in different parts of Indonesia . This is a container for infiner product users if the infiner product breaks down . At the service centre you can repair or only advise if the product has a problem. If this is still a warranty period, all services will be free.

The following is a list  of official inphoenix service centres in Indonesia :

  1. M care Denpasar ( بالی )

Infinix Services Centre in Bali , Jalan Agang No . 140, Phone number +62 361 in Denpasar 9073866

  1. M care Bandung ( Bandung )

Addressed in Jalan Taman Series , Bandung precisely called 1 K05-K06 at the Bluetown score +62 22 84468781

  1. M care Batam ( Batam )

Located in The Wera Musca C-08 Campbell , The Contact Number in Naguya , Batam , Indonesia +62 77 87430340

  1. We’re taking care of Cirebon

It is located in Jalan Pasukiton , Indonesia ‘s Siribon number 63. The phone number is +62 231 209322

  1. Wik( Gambi)

In prison . Gaja Mada is located at 11-12 Jambi , Contact Number + 62 741 43789

  1. M Palina Makassar

Infings Service Center is located at MTC Karebosi Lt. 3 Block 1 No. 3-5 in Jalan Jand . Ahmad Yani , Makassar Contact Number +62 24 11 3635038

  1. We have cities

in prison . Sitia Budi is located in the whole . Tonjung Rijo, Casey. Sunggal Square , square precisely in komp . Citya Budi Business Point Block Bibi No. 21 Contact Number +62 61 8214692

  1. Tele وینډو (پالمبانګ)

Located in Klohan , 24 Eler , Bukit Kikil District , Jalan Latukul Iskander No . 36 Rt 10 / Rw 003 Contact Number +62 711 372408

  1. Alpha Slippel – Samaring

This is the call of + 62 + in Jalan Gender Sudirman 256, Samarang 247610911

  1. M Palina (Surabaya)

It is located at Maspin Square . Ayani 78 Sorabaya Contact Number +62 31 8477889

  1. Im Care YeogiaKarta

Located in Rami Shaping Mall , Number 2, Jel Ahmad Yanni No. 73, Ugia Karta Contact Number +62 27 4557015

Infinics Service Center in Karta

In Karta itself , infinitic product service centres have been published in several areas . Some of them are as follows :

  1. Bhainka Mantari Demensi (Jakarta)

This is the morning vote of The Ganges on the 73C Road No . 16 . 10610. Indonesia Contact Number +62 21 29292828

  1. House of Infinics

Ruko Pertokoan Roxy Mas Blok E1 No. 5A , Central Jakarta Contact Number +62 21 6329084

  1. Im Palina de Zmpka Moss

It ‘s at ITC Sympaka Moss . Number 6 H7-H8 Jl . Letjen Suprapto Central Jaguar Contact Number +62 21 21480901

  1. We’re the ambassador’s property.

Located in Lt . 2 Blok B No. 7 Mal Ambiexport phone number +62 21 5762539

  1. M Care Roxy Intersection

Located at Roku Mal Roxy Intersection , A1 Jl . Kyai Tapa No. 1 Jakarta Contact Number +62 21 56954393

Although it is not like other scorephones , Infiner has a strong commitment to providing good service to all its customers . This is evidence by providing the Inphoenix Service Center and serve me to reach employees who are far from the service center .

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