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West Javanese Dance  Is Still a Modern   Art

Seeing  the growth of the times,  in western Javanese traditional sports is still preserved despite life being modern.   This effort is a wake-up call for the traditions of  the past not  to   have disappeared.   The role of culture in a  region or tribe is very important as a form of social  identity.

Not only art, but different forms of  dance are usually held in important events.   Dance concerts treat always invite interests from the  community to respect the culture of a region.  From government chefs,  both artistic actors and  society  combine to preserve the arts.

Dances are often used to  convey a story or a character’s story through movements such as  established behavior.   Gamelan’s music will  last as long as the dancer performs moves designed to  make art.  So far  , cultural events have been found  and organised in  certain places.

However, dancing doesn’t always appear in venerable ceremonies just because it  can be used as a pastime for  people.    And looking at the modern eras, of course,  art  can be better incorporated without the polishing of  traditional values.  To find out more about art, we want to explain it  more fully  with the  way it is popular and it holds it.

Jaipong from Sunda is still Popular Today

When one sees the great development in the dance world it turns out that there are many aspects that require caution .   The variety of  dance  moves will bring something unique when they  are in an art show.  One is a    dance-style   artist from Java West Java named Jaipong.

Jaipong is descended from a separate area, which is native to the Karawang region with its unique  features.   of course  this game type of place was  widely known in the local community  because it became a habit.    From one location, it now extended to the region  in West  Java.

This art unit  is in the costumes  that  dancers wear when on stage.   Accessories on the head  look like hurricanes decorated with flowers and fabrics with bright colors.   Not to forget  also it is related to shawl to be wrapped around the neck dance  when performing  its artistic activities.

The image of javanese West  Javanese is also  accompanied  by  music with a fast and challenging pace. So,  the movement of the sport must   be movements  , in order to follow the behavior  and behavior on which the instrument is built.  There is a certain meaning that can be deliberately conveyed in jaipong with the intention   that sundanese women never give up.

In addition to   showing an  unbroiling message, it turns out that there is the meaning behind the movement of the jaipong dancer.    This is related to a beautiful body  and face to show a beautiful nature.   In other words, a woman can definitely be herself  thanks to self-confidence.

Ronggeng Bugis should be protected in the community

We’re talking about a few dancing names, of course, about several genres simultaneously as you enter Sundanese territory. There are many traditional sports playing in Western Javanese, which are  known to people from outside the area.  You can  talk about the existence of one species   coming from the Iraqi area  with its distinctive features.

This   type of art refers  to the name ronggeng bugis meaning Makassar literally.   The names   came from the Bugis  forces  after they were able to provide assistance and settlement in the Iraqi area.   From  this story,  it began  to be a social and intersing culture between the two.

Due to  the cultural complexity of art ,  the result is also unique in a  culturally qualified landscape.   It is unique to  the dancers who have all emerged from among the men as mountain-thick  .  The  intermittent natural landscape, is also intended to   be the attraction itself.

In West Javanese dance, this sport’s costume also uses a light-colored kebaya.  The devil also stands  out as a woman with  a  dance of about four or more.  The  main purpose  of the stories  and stories  brought about by the  movement is to bring attention to the comics.

All movements and choreography are captured in a captivating way even in  a garment complete with kebaya according to music.   One other wealth  of ronggeng bugis is the freedom of dancers to create funny improvisations.   When you know that , at least at least you can at least sort out the type  of dance when you’re in the regions.

Tap Tilu Is Often Held at Sacred Festivals

The argument continues on  the model dedicated to the  dance arts  originating from West Java is inlet tilu.  To identify the differences between  the cores,  the dance style is often held at certain  sacred occasions  . Because  , considered to be sacred, spiritual ceremonies are  very similar in  presenting dance moves as performances.

Many   people don’t understand the differences in  the variety of  specific types of  tilus cans.   Usually, the dance style is  organized when  welcoming the rice harvest season  by the  community.   The royals and the owners of the rice garden will often hold  these art exhibitions as well as be entertaining people.

The tilu tilus tap is  accompanied by   the main instrument of music in  a refreshing style which is a standard traditional instrument.   These musical instruments are commonly obtained at   kingly times to  provide music that keeps the dance going.  The dancer  will follow  the  movement according to the music and compare so that the result can be integrated.

West Javanese  regional dances use special fabrics with kebaya complete but likely to be darker colors.    Dance is implanted in women following   the principles of dance arts  innovators  in detail.   However, there are male  pairs  who play the sport and also wear leather bandages  and  straps.

For the performance, you can also have  a gamelan music  show before the  dance begins.   So far there are many  forms of play that are found in various showrooms according to the festival.  So, it’s not surprising if  until  any time tilu touches it is still safe as a tradition of ancestral  remains.

Cirebon masks are so flexible that the Fairy Tales

Trying to understand the  different arts  of the  region  is  what the community needs to do.   All different customs must still be  passed on to the developing generation so  that civilization does not  disappear.   Therefore, Art must get an application for the  needs of entertainment shows  from the  public.

The dance  from West Java discussed in detail   is the wrinkling mask that uses the hips.   Masks have   a different natural texture  for each  model  so that each viewer can very easily get to learn about nature.   Additionally,  brain  dance  has 5 different styles and names for performances.

The names on the pennant’s abduction hijackers, samba, patih, rumyang and Kelana accents with their own accents.   At the beginning  of this type of sport he was born  out  of street artists and then it developed over time  .  In truth, it began to become more and more people who were able to enjoy their sport even though it  was the modern era.

According to the panca  wanda mask,  later dancers will wear a variety of styles depending on the specific story  and story.    There are changes that are needed so that the  pattern  of the character of the  mind  is more relevant to the story of the dance.   In addition, the music must be presented with the narrative as it  is  in  the story , so  that  the movements remain in rhythm.

In general Cireboon carries a message in the sport of the mask (Cirebon)   that  contains all the problems of life that humans have been experiencing.    The aim is that  the style of each sport  should  have its  own unique depending  on the  purpose and how the art is performed.   In that way,  I have  no  doubt  that the Dance of West Java is always a lot of demand for the great people.

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