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Recognize its  pre-employment information center and Sundries

Knowing how many  telephone centers  have      at pre-employment data centers is very important for  those who have joined this federal program; where Pre-Employment itself includes specific state programs to make communities more capable and able to compete with others.

Hopefully  there will be no   more jobs and poverty because  ultimately every citizen involved can open their own jobs.   That way, it can be said that  the project is very good  considering that everyone will be immediately given the cost assistance.

So when asked who are these government projects  ?   In fact, the card can be used by anyone not only for jobseekers  , bad people, workers, and those who have been fired and saved as a result of the COVID-19  outbreak  can also participate.

The most important thing is that future owners must be over  18 and not formally educated  .   In addition,  the program does not apply to members of the police  , civil servants,  soldiers and heads of homes as well as their equipment  , and similar things.

 Information Center Before Employment No.

While it may seem  simple, it turns out that the project  is not without its obstacles.   Sometimes some parties complain that  the funds are actively being allocated or operated.   This often happens because of a lot of things.  For example, because balance is a real work in progress.

So those who have passed the selection of this  Pre-Employment program  will receive a card number for training and support the needs of other programs  .   People who fall into this category just have to be patient because the funds are still going on  , so there is no need to contact the pre-employment notice centre.

While the second reason is because the fund has actually failed.  This generally happens when prospective    candidates  are considered inconsistent  with   the regulations governed in pre-employment programs.    Because there are some restrictions on the project  .

However, if the problem is that it has not been processed intensively,  then you can contact customer service via email so that the payment process is accelerated as it should.    Then is there a phone number that can be accessed  ?   Because of course, some people are comfortable with contacting a worried party over the phone line  .

If you are experiencing problems with the project  , one of them wants to change the account or have several other questions,  please contact the pre-employment notice center directly at  021-255541246.   But pay  attention to  the working hours because you’ve only served Monday to Friday.

 How to create a pre-employment card account online

Customer services for these registrars can be contacted during monday to Friday working hours from  08.00  to  19.00.   What is interesting is that the  phone connection is free of charge for the phone so it  is more efficient because it does not receive credit payments.   That way all registrars can be contacted directly.

It’s just that you may have to be patient because of course there are a lot of people who contact them as well.           So it is  very likely  that  the Pre-employment service, the call center  of  this  data center, will be difficult to connect because there are many people who need help.   How to sign up then?  Check out the methodbelow:

  1. To create an account, simply visit the official website directly via  So you just need to fill out a full-fledged registration form with the username  , email,  and password and then select the registration menu  .   After that, wait until the  entry and accounting checks are successfully created.
  2. Then go into the previous account so you can access the dashboard directly.  Here you can immediately confirm your personal information and not get it wrong because it causesa failure  .  In addition, you are usually asked to take a selfie using your id card.
  3. At this point, the collection must be valid and accurate if you want your request to be approved .   Only then will you be asked to do a series of basic competency tests and choose the desired waves  . From now on, wait for the results of the pass exam or contact the Pre-Employment Information Center call center for more information.

 Pre-employment  card registration schedule and how to accept training

For those who want to apply for participation in this government program  need to know the registration schedule first.   Because later it will be useful to detect waves  .  For information on the registration schedule,  you can ask for a Direct Pre-Employment Customer Service number.

Because they usually stand in the working hours to answer all the questions involved in this project  .  In addition to contacting customer service, you can also find the charts through the latest news from media and social media.  That’s where you’ll know the updated opening and closing schedule  .

Not only that, in general, in addition to using pre-employment telephone services of information centers,  through social media, has also transmitted an intensive payment schedule of funds  and  card information recently.   So you don’t have to be afraid to miss the information you need again  .

Meanwhile, if you want to be involved in training, check the balance first.  If you have successfully passed the selection  , then focus on some training.  After that,  choose your own training facility and make a payment using the balance to attend the training directly  .

The payment process is very simple because it can be done through the  Pre-Employment  card number of each register.     The purchase limit is typically valid for 1 month after it is announced.   If it is missed, the applicant who passes the selection will be canceled directly  .

List of    pre-employment assistance  providers

Interestingly, there are many services  currently providing intensive funding for  this Pre-Employment program.   In addition to searching for information directly through the Information Center’s Pre-employment Call Center  ,  you can also choose the provider below if you want to pay directly  :

  1. Go Pay is one of the digital banking services that provides heavy pre-work     All forms of obstacles surrounding the loss of money will be helped directly by the call center concerned  .   So you don’t have to hesitate to use this e-money service.
  2. Ling Aja is also an intensive provider of assistance  for this government    If it turns out that customer service is having difficulty contacting  ,  then you can ask for help through a call center directly from  Link Aja  .   This is where you will get quick help with how to pay bills  .
  3. The OVO also includes services that provide pre-employment project financing  .  You can contact directly with their customer service to find out how to pay quickly  .  But of course, make sure you have to go through the program before you do

Looking at the above explanation, the conditions for participating in this program are not difficult  .   It’s just that you shouldn’t register if you don’t meet  the requirementso  you are free from legal entanglements.   For the rest,  you can contact the pre-employment notice center to answer questions related to the project  .

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