TeknoBGT: How to contact the bank’s huge call center and fees

Contacting the Bank Mega call center ┬áis one of many ways you can get different information about the bank’s products or file complaints.

For this reason, each bank usually provides an assistance center for its customers so that it is a form of maximum service. As a bank user, you also need to know where to find help so you don’t need to be confused when you have problems dealing or accessing other banking products.

Bank Mega is arguably one of indonesia’s successful private banks serving a variety of services such as deposits or savings, credit cards, electronic money, digital banking, etc. Like other service companies, this banking company owns a mega call center bank.

You can use it to get a lot of important information about products, services and transaction complaints. This method can certainly provide comfort because you don’t need to go to the bank office to ask about important things. Here are some useful information you need to know as a consumer of the big bank.

Mega Bank Call Center

Private financial services companies that served the public in the 90s grow from time to time. This is in line with the development of a company that is progressing so rapidly that it has gained very high confidence from the general public. From time to time, this public financial service provides optimal services in accordance with the needs of modern society.

If you have problems such as losing your credit card, wanting to activate, dialing a PIN, or even closing your credit card, the solution is to contact your available call center. The large private banking company offers many number options to its customers for both landlines and mobile phones.

As for mega bank call center to connect you to service personnel, the numbers include 021-500010 and 60010. While mega call’s central number is 08041500010. If you want to call by mobile, you can choose to call 60010. However, please note that the exact numberbut is for Telkomsel, XL and Indosat users.

At the same time, this financial services company also provides a call assistance center for overseas customers. The number you can call is +62 21- 29601600. Having a central call certainly provides comfort to users outside Indonesia if it is difficult to reach the nearest branch office.

The cost of calling the bank’s huge call centre

When you make a call to any number, you will usually be charged a phone fee for a varying nominal amount. It’s the same when you want to connect to Mega Call. You will also be charged. The amount is very diverse, especially if you use call services from a number of service providers or cellular service providers such as Telkomsel, Indosat or XL.

The cost of mobile phone communication varies according to the provider. That is, it ranges from 600 per minute, to 990 per minute, as well as 1800 per minute. Therefore, if you want to make a call for information from customer service, first make sure you have a certain amount of credit on your mobile phone. So that the call can run smoothly and not just interrupt it.

Meanwhile, if you make a call over a landline, the cost will go directly to your monthly phone bill. You can pay the bill at the end of the month. Connecting to a Bank Mega call center requires a separate tariff that the customer must pay.

However, the cost is comparable to the services you can get. For example, to overcome credit card and ATM problems and information about loans, financial services for business and much more. Take advantage of Mega Call as much as possible for easy transactions and other needs.

Types of services in the huge bank call center

There are types of services available in this call centre, including:

  1. Request to activate credit card and ATMs

The use of ATMs and credit cards among banking consumers is very useful if you want to make different types of transactions. With this call center, you can apply to activate ATMs and credit cards effectively and efficiently. When you call the call center number, the customer is then connected to a host who is brilliantly ready to help.

  1. Apply for a credit card

You can apply for a credit card through the call center service. This method is certainly very easy from having to visit the bank branch office. Credit cards are an important need for many people, especially in shopping. There are several types of credit cards that can be applied for, such as Mega Travel Card, Mega Visa Platinum, etc.

  1. Credit card closure

Do you want to stop using this type of card during transactions? Don’t worry because customers can apply for closure from anywhere. It’s enough to call the Bank Mega call center from home.

  1. Other services

This call center does not provide services about credit cards and ATMs only to its customers. You can also file complaints directly with customer service about the various problems you face. This method can certainly save costs and energy because you don’t need to go to the branch office.

How to file a customer’s complaint

Customers intending to file a complaint or even a particular dispute can choose the option through the call center at 08041500010 number. Not only via bank mega call centre , you can also apply for it through the official website. On the website, there is a page that makes it easier for Bank Mega financial services users if they want to file bank complaints and mediation.

On the website page, you can find a customer complaint form. Please go to the website www.bankmega.com and then select the list about. There is information about company contacts. Click a contact list, there will be customer service information and a list of questions and answers to answer some important questions.

In the customer service list, you’ll find a customer complaint form. In the form, customers only need to fill out the form with complete and correct information. These categories include problems, account data and details of customer complaints. After that, just click Send.

If the problem cannot be resolved either through a complaint on the website or bank Mega call centre , take further steps.

The application process should also be with certain specific requirements. Among other things, copies of complaints resolution certificates from banks, copies of customers’ or customers’ personal identities, and a number of other documents. Of course, you do not need to take this step if you have reached an agreement or settlement with the bank.

Banking financial services is currently the company most needed by the public. How not, most buying and selling transactions in modern times cannot be separated from the role of banks. If you’re using Bank Mega products and services, contact the Bank Mega call center to resolve the problem you’re experiencing.