Wartaoto: Axa Manderi Public Insurance Call Center Service Information

The Axa Manderi Call Center is a service provided as a form of facilitating every customer’s access to information. Very important insurance issues require a clear and transparent flow of information. For ordinary people, insurance is actually very complex. Especially with a commitment to pay it which is considered cumbersome.

But in fact, insurance provides guarantees when facing unexpectedly bad things. This is a form of prevention so as not to worry about the future. Insurance services also provide security at some level. It can therefore be said that it is very useful in solving various security-related problems.

It is sometimes difficult to claim insurance policies, especially if some procedures are still missing. Customers usually find it difficult to claim if necessary. But when you call the call center, you can get some information. In addition, the call center task also provides the information customers need.

As one of the insurance service providers, AXA provides services to each customer. The Axa Mandiri call centre is also a form of facility provided to accommodate every question. This makes it easier for everyone not to have to come to their branch office.

Information about Axa Manderi Insurance

Financial services companies have already evolved for a long time and offer different services to the public. In addition, financial services such as investment finance, lending and insurance are fully required. This is because many institutions are unwilling to provide these services because they are considered risky.

Axa Mandiri is also a financial services company operating in many service sectors, one of which is an insurance policy provider. Axa Manderi Call Center is granted  to meet these needs quickly.

In fact, this company was established for a long time, specifically in Paris since 1817 where financial service providers began to emerge. Then because it continued to grow rapidly due to acquisitions, it changed its name. 1985 became the year AXA became the official name along with the acquisition of The Drut Group.

This insurance provider then developed worldwide, one of which was Indonesia. In Indonesia, AXA is collaborating with Mandiri to strengthen its market network. No wonder more than 1,300 branch offices have been set up in Indonesia. There are 2,300 financial advisors in different cities.

The large number of branch offices established aims to provide everyone with the opportunity to obtain an insurance policy. Moreover, there are many things that need to be secured such as health for other valuable assets such as vehicles. This insurance will be very useful when needed when the customer encounters unexpected things.

Axa Mandiri Call Center Service

As a form of interest for each of its customers, Axa Manderi offers call center services in different forms. The call center can help you when you experience claims issues, claims changes, and other services. This method is very easy by making a call on (021) 999 3005 in working hours.

  1. AXA Independent SMS

One of the services that customers can use is via SMS. Unlike complaint calls, you can enjoy services via SMS for 24 hours. This is more useful when you need something at certain times outside working hours. For example, experience bad things and want to claim insurance.

You can send an SMS to 67999 with the number recorded. Make sure you register your pin number to make it easier to verify. Unfortunately, this SMS service can only be accessed by Indosat and Telkomsel providers. Only one number is used for one policy number.

  1. AXA Independent Rapid Response

Another service can be used alongside an AXA Mandiri called Rapid Response. But unfortunately this service can only be done for customers in the Gaboditapek area. Customers living in the area can call (021) 8788 3005 on working days and hours.

  1. Axa Voice

This service is unique simply by calling (021) 3005 9999 and getting some important information. For example, number 11 to find out the unit price, number 1423 about information about changes in policy data, etc. This service is very useful for people who have a high level of activity.

Axa Mandiri head office address

If you’re not satisfied with Axa Mandiri call center services  , you can go to the head office. Its head office is located in Jakarta, and the only one is Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 18 Copper City. You can visit the Axa GF Tower floor on weekdays Mondays through Fridays.

However, if you want to send a particular complaint, it can be sent to the same address, but it is directed to Up. AXA Financial Complaint Management Unit. You can file various complaints regarding insurance issues. For example, if you have sent changes in the data but have not been answered.

For customers in East Java and surrounding areas, there is no need to go to Jakarta. This is because in Surabaya a branch office has also been set up to accommodate complaints from each client. The address is located at Jl. Polisi Istimewa No. 32-38 Darmo, which is easily accessible.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry when there is a problem at an inappropriate time. There are many branch offices that can be easily processed. The service can also be performed through calls so that customers get solutions quickly. The service will later help solve the problem being tried.

Axa Mandiri Insurance Policy Products

As a financial services provider, of course there are many products offered to everyone. Therefore, the AXA Mandiri Call Center is providing detailed information services for each policy product.

There are many financial services provided such as public insurance to private insurance. Certainly each insurance service has its own claim procedures, although it is not much different. But for new people in the insurance world, the difference is very confusing. It is not uncommon even for them not to understand.

Having an Axa Manderi call center to provide information services to potential customers until they choose the right insurance. Moreover, insurance is an attempt to prevent bad things from happening in the future. The insurance selection error will certainly make customers suffer losses because they are not receiving appropriate compensation.

In addition, it is necessary to understand that this service is not only for individuals, but can be used in groups. For example, for a company that wants to keep each asset so that it is compensated in the future when it suffers damage. This allows the company owner to think quietly about running the company.

While there are several ways to get these information services, you need to make a call on an official line. The goal is not to be defrauded on behalf of the company. It should also be noted that this service is fairly free. Therefore, the AXA Mandiri call center is very useful for customers.

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