Why Kings of Leon Joined The NFT

The American rock band Kings of Leon joined the NFT movement with a feeling of mystery and obviousness. The band planned to launch an NFT in March 2021. So, when they decided to go NFT, they were one of the first bands. But, when we look at the Kings of Leon, we must ask why? Why did the band opt for an NFT collection? Is it FOMO? Or is it the next big thing in music after Apple Music and Spotify?

Whatever the reason, the music industry and individual artists are looking to NFTs for freedom, recognition, and financial benefit. Consider why Kings of Leon opted to create their own NFT line.

The Kings of Leon NFT Collection

Kings of Leon chose an NFT collection in the shape of their newly released album “When You See Yourself”. It launched a $50 album bundle including vinyl and digital download. Each NFT came with a special edition ‘Golden Eye’ vinyl. Aside from that, they planned to introduce another NFT series with special inclusions.

The band also released a set of exclusive items as part of their NFT collection, dubbed “NFT Yourself.” There are six “golden ticket” experiences available, each offering four lifetime first row seats to the concert of their choice. YellowHeart, a ticketing and music company, introduced the token on March 5th, 2021 and sold out quickly.

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When Kings of Leon NFT Went to Space?

Following the success of their first NFT token, the band released a second collection in September. In lieu of a physical certificate, the band auctioned an unpublished live version of “Time in Disguise.” Onboard SpaceX’s Inspiration4 mission, the band opted to play the tape first in space. This was done to raise money for a good cause.

It was one of many fundraisers for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis. The event aimed to raise $200 million for cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

One of the four passengers on the SpaceX Resilience mission was former patient Hayley Arceneaux. “After watching our NFT album release earlier this year, St Jude approached us. It’s even more special for us because our music is featured in the plot. It’s a huge plus that we’re all making history at the same time.” The band’s lead singer, Caleb Followill, said as much to Billboard.


Musically, we’re seeing musicians adopting technology at a much faster rate as NFTs become available digitally. As stated above, the reasons seem obvious. However, acts like Kings of Leon and Steve Aoki are certainly paving the road for smaller artists to join the NFT parade.

As musicians use NFTs, the music industry must adjust quickly. Check out the latest NFT cryptocurrency news for more details.