The evolution of casinos

As one of the deadliest viruses spreading all over the world, coronavirus, or COVID-19, has forced almost everyone to stay indoors to prevent any further spread of the virus as it can easily affect a person through bodily fluids. Non-essential companies are forced to close and essential companies are forced to limit the amount of employees they can have in an office, hindering their work progress and forced to let go some of their employees to generate enough income to keep their business afloat.

As casinos are one of the most popular entertainment spots for adults to visit and spend their holidays in, coronavirus has significantly affected their business as they rely on generating income based on the amount of visitors they have per day. Without their daily visitors, casinos eventually will have to shut down when they can’t generate enough money to pay off taxes as they rely on the winnings of their visitors to pay off their taxes. However with the help of technology and the internet, casinos are able to keep their business afloat and operate like usual through the creation of online casinos. Online casinos are similar to their physical counterparts as players are able to play games that are provided in the website through their computers or smartphones. However, online casinos are more convenient as players are free to move from one game to another while sitting comfortably in their home. Players are also able to freely convert their money into in-game credits and online casinos usually provide a wide variety of options for their players to convert their money which attracts overseas players as well. With how advanced smartphones are, online casinos use this opportunity to develop their own applications to give their players easier access to their services for free so that they are able to gamble anywhere at any time.

However, players are not free from the law depending on the country they live in and their religion. Islamic countries such as Arabia, Malaysia, and Iraq are subjected to the Sharia law which discourages Muslims from going against the teachings of the Quran which the offenders are subjected to a heavier punishment than the Gambling Act 1995. As Malaysia is known for being multicultural, other races such as Chinese, Indian and other minorities are able to gamble as long as they abide by the law. Additionally, the Gambling Act 1995 is so outdated that online gambling can be used or ignored depending on the occasion and making online casino Malaysia in a grey zone. Despite that, players have the ability to gamble in other online casinos that are legal in their country, making them safe without breaking the law of their country. 
As online casinos are becoming more popular and accessible by everyone, parents should watch out for their children’s activity as gambling apps can be easily installed through the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Online casinos could become one of the most developed entertainment in the future as we are diving slowly into more advanced technologies to provide entertainment through the use of virtual and augmented reality as they can provide an even more immersive experience for players without being inside the casino.

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