Perfect TIME high speed internet Solutions You Need to Know About.

A poor quality flow can have several origins:

  • Your telephone line may be too old or too far from the telephone exchange;
  • The problem can also be with your devices.

The most radical solution is to change your Internet offer, especially if you are a heavy consumer of bandwidth.

But sometimes, you just need to apply a few common sense rules to find a correct Internet connection without changing your plan. Choosing the top tm unifi package will be the wisest of all.

Update or change your internet browser

Year after year, web pages are more and more complex and more and more heavy to load. If you are using an outdated Internet browser, or an outdated version, your connection may suffer. So remember to regularly update your browser software or choose a more efficient one. Firefox, for example, offers many extensions that help optimize browsing speed. For its part, Google Chrome uses a technology that does not consume much RAM, which allows you to have several tabs open at the same time without affecting browsing speed. Finally, if you are a Mac user, prefer Safari, the browser best suited to computers from the famous Apple brand.

Clean up your plug-ins and extensions

Internet browsers offer many plug-ins and extensions. Some are very useful for optimizing browsing speed, others much less. This is particularly the case with themes and plug-ins that allow you to change the appearance of your pages.

You had downloaded it several years ago and now they no longer serve you for anything? Get rid of them, they are using memory for nothing.

You will then have to restart your browser for these changes to take effect.


However, beware of any type of connection which is sometimes unstable depending on the geographical areas and operators. Mobile connections will do the trick for swing trading or position trading which does not necessarily require great speed on the part of the trader or his computer.