Games Recommendations To Play on Android 2022 

Hey gamers, let’s play some games down below. 

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Looking for a fun action game to play on Android? You can try a game called Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. For those of you who are game fans, you must be very familiar with the Metal Gear series. Well, this time you can play the game through your smartphone.

In the game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, the focus is on Raiden’s story as the main character. To complete the mission, you will rely on the HF Blade sword to finish off the enemy.

XCOM: Enemy Within

The next recommendation is the game XCOM: Enemy Within. This is a real-time strategy game that is available on PC and can now be played on Android smartphones.

This game made by 2K Games has quite exciting gameplay. Your skill in determining strategy is needed in this game.

Final Fantasy XV

For fans of JRPG games, of course you are very familiar with the title Final Fantasy. Well, this time Final Fantasy entered the smartphone with a game called Final Fantasy XV. Uniquely, all the characters in this game are made with cute and cute shapes. So it’s quite interesting to see these characters in action in the Final Fantasy XV game.

The presentation of the story is the main value in this game. However, the game mechanics are still fun and exciting to play.

The Sims Mobile

Who is not familiar with this one simulation game? Yup, The Sims can now not only be played on PCs and consoles, but also on smartphones.

As usual, in this game you will be playing a life simulation as a person. Work, communicate with other people, play, do hobbies, make love and so on.

You can also build and renovate the house the way you want. Guaranteed The Sims Mobile will make you addicted.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm

For this one, it seems suitable for those of you who like narrative driven games. Game Life is Strange is a PC game that can be played on Android smartphones.

In this game you will play as a character named Max Caufield. This main character has a hidden ability to rewind time. Here you will make decisions that will affect the course of the story.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the popular games on PC that can now be played on smartphones. This game may be familiar with the Harvest Moon game.

In the game Stardew Valley you will manage a farm, plantation and ranch. The graphics are very simple and retro in style, reinforcing the game’s unique character.

Football Manager 2021

Finally, there is the most popular football simulation game in the world, especially if not Football Manager. This game made by Sport Interactive is now available in the smartphone version.

As before, in this Football Manager game you will become a manager in a football club. Not only do you have to bring your team achievements, in this game you will also mix tactics, buy players, extend player contracts, meet the media and so on.

In this game you will get to know the real work of a manager in a professional football club.

Well, that’s the list of PC games on Android that you can try playing. Which game do you want to try first, friend? Have a nice play! 

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