BTS Just Joined The NFT Movement, Here’s Why

NFTs, what are they exactly?

I’m sure this question comes across your mind every time you read the word NFT, which is frequent especially with the trending NFT news every now and then. However, it is impossible to cover the full scope of NFTs in this piece alone, so, a brief explanation would have to do. 

trending nft news

NFT also known as Non- Fungible Tokens are a type of cryptocurrency that appears on blockchains. They have several properties that make them unique, and the major identifier is that it is non-fungible. Fungible and non-fungible what exactly are the differences between the two. 

Try to understand it like this. Fungible items include a bank note valued at 5, that can be exchanged with another bank note valued at 5. Non-fungible items include unique characteristics that make it impossible to have another item with the same characteristics. Items such as a painting, a limited first edition comic book or even your smartphone that has all your data in it. 

Therefore, when individuals or companies invest in NFTs they are making items that are high in value and demand. They are items that customers would trade, and purchase for. In this case, the agency BTS is associated with, Hybe Co., decided to invest more than 400$ million dollars for NFTs. 

BTS have one of the largest fandoms on earth. Listed with members from all over the world, this international sensation gained more fans when they became famous with their song DNA in 2017. It is estimated that they have more than 22 million fans that attend their concerts, watch their music videos and support them. 

Therefore, is it really a surprise when their management agency decides to invest in NFT’s? They are fully aware of the impact that would have on Army’s and that their NFT items would sell at an incredibly high demand. The agency decided to invest in NFT digital photo cards that can be used on the blockchains. 

trending nft news

They were smart in making this decision because K-Pop fans have a reputation of selling, trading and buying traditional photo cards among themselves and other fandoms. This culture has been carried out since the K-Pop agencies decided to include photo cards into their bands physical album. These photocards are usually attractive pictures of each individual member. However, each album has a random photo card, so, if you were biased to the main singer of the group and failed to get that photocard of said member, you can trade with another fan from your community who got the card. 

K-Pop fans do the same with their other merchandise. These merchandise include albums, t-shirts, postcards, posters, photo books, dolls and banners. The K-pop fanbase discuss their plans and communicate with each other through social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Vlive. 

Since there is already a culture of trading, selling and buying photo cards, it will not be a big surprise if the BTS fans decide to do the same with their NFT digital photo cards. This, in turn, will help the agency by increasing their income and revenue exponentially.

Before you buy a sex toy, there are things you should know.

Take a look at the “Body Safe” label.

Body-safe materials include non-porous silicone, glass, and wood, according to the rule of thumb. There are many genuine body-safe toys on the market, but there are also plenty of imposters. Make sure the sex toy is safe for your body by doing some further research. Toy producers have seen the rising popularity of body-safe materials in toys, so they’ve started labeling their products as “safe” when they aren’t.

Take your time and research before making a decision.

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Invest in a Quality Lubricant

Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned sex toy user, lube is a must-have. It reduces friction, making the ride considerably smoother and more pleasurable. Water-based lubricant is preferred by some since it does not interfere with the material used in sex devices. It used to be a “rule of thumb” that silicone lubrication would break down silicone devices. However, in rare cases, silicone lubricant has been shown to be safe as long as your toy is made entirely of silicone and not blended with other materials (which is pretty common among cheaper sex toys). Always do a spot test before proceeding!

The truth about sex toys.

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Exploring sex toys with your partner.

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