The brass fitting: characteristics and advice

What is the brass fitting?

 Before you know about the brass fitting, let’s quickly talk about brass. Brass, what is it? Brass is a non-ferrous metal. It is an alloy of two metals: zinc and copper. In some cases, to combine specific properties, brass may also contain lead, nickel, tin, magnesium or even chromium. Brass is mainly used to make locksmiths, musical instruments, timepieces, plaques, decorative elements and plumbing!

The brass fitting has a similarity to the copper fitting, it is a solder fitting. It is used in particular to connect elements of different types to each other. Indeed, the brass fitting can be threaded at one end, making it possible to connect to a different material or to a faucet.

The brass fitting is intended for use with beaten collars. A beaten collar designates the end of a tube, flattened outward. 

The beaten collar has two functions:

  • He’s holding back the nut.
  • It serves as a joint plane to make the screw connection.

In the case of use with beaten collars, the brass fitting must not be recessed or used for gas.

Assembling the brass fitting with solder

It should be noted that solder and solder are two different processes. Indeed, welding is the assembly of parts without adding metal or with the same as that of the parts to be welded. Welding therefore involves melting the parts to be welded. Brazing is the assembly of parts with a filler metal whose melting point is lower than that of the parts to be assembled. Brazing therefore does not involve the fusion of the parts to be assembled.

Here we are talking about solder for the assembly of brass. There are two types: soft soldering and hard soldering.

1. Soft soldering

It is popularly called tin solder. To melt tin, the heat is less than 450 °. Its implementation does not pose any problem or difficulty. Soft soldering allows copper to be soldered to copper and brass to copper.

2. Strong brazing

The Brass fittings Malaysia technique of hard soldering is essentially the same as that of soft soldering. Indeed only the temperature to melt the metal changes. Here a temperature above 450 ° is required, the metal generally being a silver-based alloy. The greater heat and composition of the metal requires more material. You need a torch and an oxygen / propane or oxygen / acetylene welding machine. There are also compact torches.

Strong brazing includes a risk of melting the brass fitting. The melting temperature of the filler metal being close to that of brass in the case of a copper / phosphorus alloy.

Assembling the brass screw connection

For the screw connection, the beaten collar is used. This technique is reserved for the assembly of the valve elements but also for the assembly of two tubes between them. This technique is based on the work of the pipe in order to widen one end, then fold it back to have a collar. Collar that is used as a stop for the nut that will come to rest on it

The brass fitting, the advantages and disadvantages


The brass fitting makes it possible to assemble 2 tubes with a flanged collar. It also allows the assembly of elements between them such as copper and steel. It is also very useful for the connection of the taps.

Before you buy a sex toy, there are things you should know.

Take a look at the “Body Safe” label.

Body-safe materials include non-porous silicone, glass, and wood, according to the rule of thumb. There are many genuine body-safe toys on the market, but there are also plenty of imposters. Make sure the sex toy is safe for your body by doing some further research. Toy producers have seen the rising popularity of body-safe materials in toys, so they’ve started labeling their products as “safe” when they aren’t.

Take your time and research before making a decision.

It’s all about you here! Don’t feel compelled to buy the first toy you see. While certain well-known classics, such as the rabbit vibrator from Sex and the City, remain popular, there is no universal “magic bullet” for everyone (see what I did there?).

Toys with G-spots? What are butt plugs? Vibratory suction? Consider what makes you happy and where you experience it in your body. However, if anything piques your interest, go ahead and investigate it! Don’t be frightened to experiment with diverse emotions and desires. With so many alternatives, I’m confident you’ll find something that will make you sing.

Invest in a Quality Lubricant

Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned sex toy user, lube is a must-have. It reduces friction, making the ride considerably smoother and more pleasurable. Water-based lubricant is preferred by some since it does not interfere with the material used in sex devices. It used to be a “rule of thumb” that silicone lubrication would break down silicone devices. However, in rare cases, silicone lubricant has been shown to be safe as long as your toy is made entirely of silicone and not blended with other materials (which is pretty common among cheaper sex toys). Always do a spot test before proceeding!

The truth about sex toys.

Sex toys are scientifically intended to enhance your sexual joys. It’s not simple to stimulate both your head and your body at the same time, which is where your sex toy can help. All adult toys are made to hit the proper pleasure areas while also reducing your ‘workload.’

Contrary to common misconception, these gadgets are not an “alternative,” meaning they do not boost the enjoyment time in bed for a couple as much as they would for a single person. Orgasm requires the correct kind of clitoral or mental stimulation for women. For males, it may be a complicated business, thus most women feign orgasm. Sex toys can help if you get the correct help. If you want, you can view a sex toy in Malaysia to see your choices.

Exploring sex toys with your partner.

view a sex toy in Malaysia

Addressing the kind of sex toys you’ll need in bed will lead to a more in-depth discussion of your sexual wants and desires. This type of dialogue is crucial for better understanding your spouse. It will also assist you in your performance. Adding this extra member to your bedtime routine might help you break the monotony. Restraints, whips, paddles, ropes, clamps, blindfolds, and electrostimulation devices are all gender-neutral and improve enjoyment.

How Do You Keep Yourself Amused?

Are you tired of being bored? And you’re stuck on ideas and don’t want to waste the next several hours looking around social media. Here are some suggestions about how you can pass the time.

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Self-indulgence Day

When you’re bored, all you want to do is unwind for the day. You don’t need to travel to a spa to unwind; instead, put on your most comfy clothing, apply a moisturizing face mask, and light a candle. This will make you feel like you’re being pampered in a spa.

Walking or Hiking

Going outside for some fresh air is always a good idea. Be one with the natural world! They say, and you know that one of the finest methods to enjoy yourself is to go for a hike at your local hill or for a walk around your neighborhood. Isn’t it slaying two birds with one stone to be healthy and have fun?

Take Part In A Game

There are a plethora of online games to be found on the internet, some of them are really simple to play. If you are an adult, you may also delight yourself at home by playing genuine online casino at pussy888 apk download. 

Attempt New Recipes.

Have you been saving new recipes but never had the opportunity to test them out? Now is the greatest moment for you to start working on them. It might be any recipe, and it may be the simplest muffin you’ve ever made. Cooking or baking is one of the finest methods to pass the time and enjoy yourself. You won’t even notice that hours have passed by the time your food is ready to eat.

Chill with Netflix

There are a lot of amazing shows to watch on Netflix. You may watch anything from documentaries to reality shows. Binge-viewing is the finest way to pass the time, and before you know it, you’ve spent virtually the whole day watching the entire season of Brooklyn 99.

Get a Book and Read It.

Reading is a terrific exercise for our brain, as well as a great method to occupy ourselves and pass the time. Take a book from your shelf and begin turning over the pages. At the end of the day, you’ll have completed half of the book and will be pleased with how you spent your time.


You’ve been intending to achieve those toned abs for a while, so why not get started now? While you’re sweating to your core, grab your yoga mat and put your earplugs in. You can have fun while working up a sweat; all you have to do is search YouTube for the greatest and most appropriate fitness move for you.

Go Out On Your Own

Don’t be afraid to go shopping or dine in a restaurant alone. This is your time to go outdoors and do anything you want; after you’ve done so, you’ll be astonished at how enjoyable and simple it is to be alone outside.

Learn More About Omron Electronic Components In Malaysia

As technology is sailing through time, we are experiencing the shift of technology that we always see on the TV. I mean, sure we do not see flying cars to Walmart or kids riding a floating bike to school but the development in other areas is there, like Dogemama. We are talking about great innovations like virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, and a whole lot more. As for now, the obvious shift would be the digital workflow. Working from home was not part of our plan but we got through it, thanks to the technology and apps that we incorporated. 

Not just that, cyber security also getting better now as the A.I. use will be able to track the potential threats and generate triggers for cautions. And also the automation industry has its own upgrade like the use of Robotics Process Automation or the RPA. Present at many corporations, the use of robotics power really shoots higher stats in the productivity graphs. They will be controlled by software bots and automatically run the tasks that may be redundant for manpower to do. And the use of computer-based tasks and live chat support also take place in keeping everything running smoothly. 

Omron electronic components in Malaysia

When it comes to automation industrial, Omron electronic components in Malaysia is among the manufacturer that has a great reputation. Well, that is why a company like Elcomp Trading is now being one of the best in the sector and known to be the leading in the Automation Solution Provider market. Mainly focuses their operation on the Northern Region, people turn to them for their industrial solution needs. With the new era of industrial automation, Elcomp Trading appears to be poised for even greater success and now they are thriving with their well-equipped technology and charisma.

They are happy to assist the clients in meeting their demands and providing excellent technological and industrial solutions, and what makes them even more appealing is that they are widely scattered and have a network across the states. This allows them to work more efficiently and quicker on the spot. Any assistance required by customers will be fulfilled and they understand the bound to meet new problems of all kinds in projects. Hence, Elcomp Trading will do its best to provide all clients with the technology, and innovation they need. Keeping the projects afloat and working is the main priority.

Elcomp Trading is also equipped with high-quality machinery. The products used are powered by outstanding sources. Like Omron, the finest when it comes to industrial parts and armed with high-quality machinery. They are able to operate more efficiently and deliver better solutions and outcomes and also Petite. Leading visual and audio company in Japan, people sucker for their high-quality systems and safe products, and then we have the greatest network solutions, Mexa. This tech company is a fantastic manufacturer and all of these manufacturers thrive and power Elcomp Trading to be the leading in the country. With the great perks, safe to say that Elcomp Trading will gain a brighter future real soon, so visit the best industrial solutions providers now! 

Are Online Slots Worth It?

Take a trip down Google lane and type “online casino” in the search bar if you want to see the definition of advertising overload. Any time you jump into the online gambling pool, don’t be surprised to find yourself swimming with some of the loudest and most obnoxious advertising campaigns in the world.

With literally hundreds of online casinos competing for your business, it seems like every slot bonus offer seeks to outdo the one you saw last. That $200 welcome bonus is pushed to the margins as a $500 slots bonus slides into view, complete with blinking flash banners and maybe even auto-play sounds or pop-ups if you’re really lucky. Once you figure out which tab the sound is coming from and close it, up comes the next slots offering promising an even more amazing $1,000 bonus!

It feels like a gang-war of drive-by pop-ups sometimes. Ok, it may not actually be that bad these days, but there is certainly no shortage of “colorful” slot online gamble malaysia being advertised on the internet at any given moment. It’s only natural to see all of this and wonder if these offers are so good, why do the casinos need to push these offers so aggressively? Shouldn’t people be flocking to free slots money of their own accord?

That is the question we’ll be answering today. Online casinos are clearly not in the business of handing out free money until their founders go bankrupt. There must be a catch, right? There most certainly is. Read on for the full scoop.

Review Time: How Online Slots Bonuses Work

We have described how casino bonuses work elsewhere, but a quick review is in order for the purpose of today’s discussion. An online slots bonus can come in many forms, but the basic idea is that your casino site promises to add extra “bonus” money to your account in return for you signing up for an account and making a real money deposit of your own.

Note: Not all slot bonuses may be withdrawn. Many online casino offers give you money that may only be used to place bets; you may withdraw anything you win, but may not withdraw the bonus money itself.

Wagering requirements are the big caveat attached to nearly all online casino bonuses. What it means if you are on the hook to place real money wagers of at least some minimum total value before the bonus money and any winnings earned by wagering the bonus money may be withdrawn.

The purpose of wagering requirements is for casino sites to protect themselves and to ensure that customers claiming any given bonus have signed up in good faith with the intention to actually gamble. In other words, they want to make it difficult for anyone to just sign up, claim a bonus and then withdraw everything without ever having an intention to play. Casino sites are looking for customers, not to just give free money to anyone who asks nicely.

Wagering requirements are usually expressed as a multiple of the value of your original deposit and the bonus amount. For example, imagine a 200% bonus with a 30x rollover. This means you need to place a total value of wagers equal to 30 times the deposit + bonus amount.

Continuing our example, let’s say you deposit $50 in order to get a $100 bonus. In this case, you would need to place $4,500 worth of wagers to release the bonus money ($150 x 30). It does not matter how much you win or lose while making those wagering requirements. The only thing that matters is the total value of all wagers placed.

Again, the casino does not care if you win or lose while fulfilling the wagering requirements. If you win a bunch of money, you will still receive your bonus. However, casinos know they have the advantage over the long run and most customers will be down a little after clearing the bonus, which helps to offset the cost of the bonus to the casino. That is how casino sites can afford to offer such large slots bonuses.

What is Dogemama?

As we all can see, the world is now advancing exponentially thanks to technology. People are now slowly changing the course of the way of living onto the new one, the more digital ones. With what is happening around the world, digitalization does not sounds that scary anymore. As we get used to the new norm, so many technological pieces are now being vital to our daily life tasks. But one thing is for sure, the industries, forex trading and more, out there keep on thriving. Like online casinos, online shopping, cryptocurrency, and more. These sectors are now slowly growing with so many new ideas ready to be pitched to the world. 

As contactless payment now sounds safer, this alternative is now slowly getting people’s attention. Digital money, the cryptocurrency. One of its kind, people now use it to pay from the most expensive thing they bought, to even their daily coffee. But if you are new, it is crucial to be aware at all times as you enter this new venture. Always check on a reputable news source. Never take too much on rumors and differentiate the news before making any big moves. Also, check on other coins as well for new opportunities and investments. So many new coins nowadays that competing for the spotlight.

What is dogemama

But people are now busy with the Dogemama coin. You must be wondering what is Dogemama? Well, clearly you have missed the news as Dogemama coin is the new crypto with Binance’s Smart Chain build-in technology. Dogemama is faster than other coins like Bitcoin or Dogecoin and they also serve well with the environment as it uses sustainable energy technology. That way, there will be no harm done to the environment. Dogemama has spread the message that Dogemama is not just another crypto coin, it is a family of the internet community. 

With the Binance’ Smart Chain, Dogemama is the most accessible and powerful economic solution out there right now, makes them cheaper, faster, and better. You also do not have to worry about getting any scam by Dogemama coin as they are transparent with all the transactions. With a supply model for 3 years maximum, Dogemama will assure that the safety of the price and the market are safe and away from any holders that have access to them and keeping everyone in the long journey, together. Dogemama has laid so many future plans in expanding their triumph horizons.

Dogemama also did some charity work, like helping the mother in need around the world cause by donating 2.5 percent of the tokens. And with their Dogemama Family Portal, the existing and new investors can come and invest alongside winning so many bonuses and rewards. It is also open for an invitation to loved ones, like friends and family. They also have an NFT marketplace for their users to come and join. Dogemama Non-Fungible Token will be able to be used there as the transactional token. Sure, so many great cryptocurrencies coin out there, but Dogemama is now thriving in competing to be the best in the industry. So, check out Dogemama now! 

How People Cheat in Online Casinos.

Are you a gambler? If you have been gambling for too long, like just in your neighborhood, have you ever tried cheating? If you have, you should not do that once you are in a casino. Yes, and trust me, you won’t get out not apprehended as their system is of the best technology. Even in an online casino Malaysia, you can hardly cheat as well as you will surely be caught. 

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We all know that casinos are big and because of that, their system must be stringent. But why do you think some gamblers will still try to cheat? How did they do it? Check this out:

  • False shuffling

For this to be successful, the cheater must include the dealer. He must work with him since he will be the one to shuffle the cards. In the process, there are cards that are not included in the shuffle and the cheaters should be able to take note of them so they will know when they are going to be dealt. 

  • Roulette past posting

This is probably one of the oldest tricks that have been recorded, but until now, there are still people who are doing this. This process cannot be done by a single person as someone will do the act while the other will have to distract the dealer. In fact, this is sometimes done by more than two people. 

  • Card marking

This is another common scheme. Here the cheater will mark the card, depending on how he does it as there are so many ways to do so. He can bend the edge of the card or he can use a razor and so on. He can either mark the card before the game starts or while the game is going on. 

  • Roulette color up

In this kind of cheating, a person will buy a certain color of chips for a dollar each. When that is done, he will then buy real chips for 25 dollars each and join the game. After some time, he will have the remaining chips cashed and he will include the fake chips for 25 dollars each. 

  • Dice slide

Here, the dice will not be diced properly. The person doing it will just let the dice slide so that it has better chances of getting the number he needs. Most of the time though, he will only do it with one dice so that the other dice will get most of the attention. 

  • Hole card reading

In this trick, the cheater will try to peek at the card the dealer is holding by using a kind of mirror or maybe a hidden camera. This is quite effective though if the cheater is not apprehended. Yes, you should be responsible since you must be an adult already. After all, only an adult can take part in the games in a casino. You should live up to your age and don’t be a shame to your family.

You should not consider cheating when gambling in a top online casino in Malaysia. One should learn to practice better gambling.

Vietnam Forex Trading Brokers: Check Out FX Access

Forex trading brokers in Vietnam have grown successfully with demands everywhere. As the world has gone through a series of the technology age, occupations around the world will only grow bigger and more competitive. Forex broker is among the careers that thrive in the business world nowadays, with forex trading market is among the successful and active markets in the world. It is also known to make people wealthy so you can see it online. Though we know not every job is for everyone, that does not stop people from try and dive into it. Surely there will be successful and failure stories. 

Picking a broker now can be a tough decision as you need to pick the best that meets your interest. So, there are so many questions pouring around like what makes a good broker? Well, there are some things that you can observe that may indicate a green flag in a certain broker. First and foremost would be their legitimacy. If they do not check this box first, most likely you already found a scammer in front of you. If they are serious, all these things should be settled in with no problem. Next is their trading style. There are three types of trading styles. The famous one would be scalping and swinging. And lastly, you will have to invest. So recognize what style the broker has, and do check whether it aligns with your agenda and goal. The last thing you want is to lose money because of a misunderstanding between you and your broker. 

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Forex trading brokers in Vietnam are no longer a hustle thing as FX Access is here to help you. FX Access will help you to choose the best forex broker for you. They have the list of the best forex broker in Vietnam, for you to make your decision they can get started with ease with a $5 minimum deposit. There’s no need to be concerned because the list works for both beginners and experts and the brokers featured are among the best and most well-known in Vietnam. They are experts in their fields and known for their reputation. Just simply click on their emblem, and all of their information will appear and FX Access will give you reviews, ratings, and descriptions for each forex broker, making your research easier and no time-consuming work. 

To become a forex broker is not as easy as signing for social media. You’ll have to put in a lot of effort to learn the ins and outs of the currency market and because it is a fast-paced game, it is critical to immerse yourself in it for you to understand the flow. You can obtain all of the learning resources with the help form FX Access. They have everything such as articles and instructions, as well as credible news about the FX sector from all over the world. FX Access brokers are among the best and most professional in the industry. They are eager to help new brokers succeed and as FX Access is one of the most experienced brokers sites, they have compiled lists that include brokers from all around Asia. They also cover Europe, and the rest of the world, so come to FX Access be the best broker you can. 

Best Board Games 2021

If you want to play a game with your pals in university or family on a game night, you need the best of what’s out there, whether it’s surreal, social, or strategy. We’ve compiled a list of the greatest board games available to buy and play right now to assist you in finding your next game night staple. These are all the best board games of 2021, regardless of player count, genre, mechanics, or theme, that we believe deserve a place on anyone’s shelf (even if you are one of the custom website designers in Malaysia).

  • Codenames

In Codenames, a card-based game for up to eight players, you can become a spymaster and assist your teammates in identifying undercover operatives. Teams fight to make contact with all of their agents first using one-word hints that could identify several words on the table after matching up with another player. While avoiding the opposing team’s codenames, guess your agent’s codename (and dodging the assassin). The first team to locate all of its covert operatives without being assassinated wins.

  • The Game of Life

Players receive a plastic automobile to drive around the game board, which represents the progression through many stages of life, from choosing a college to savouring sweet retirement. The goal of this game is to make wise decisions throughout your life and finally be the player who retires first and with the greatest money. It’s a terrific game for children to know about life lessons in a fun way, and it’ll undoubtedly create some interesting discussions when you play it as a family.

  • Splendor

Splendor’s purpose is straightforward: players must carefully acquire poker-style chips each turn and utilise those chips to purchase cards. When you have all of the cards in your hand, they all take on the value of a single chip, making it easier to get the more desirable cards that are worth points. The individual who has 15 points in their hand is the winner. It is a strategic game that can be enjoyed with 2 to 4 players.

  • Gloomhaven

There’s nothing like a full-fledged fantasy RPG to get the adrenaline racing, but they usually necessitate a certain amount of commitment, research, and planning before you can truly enjoy them as a group. Gloomhaven is like a whole world of RPG fun in a box, with complicated campaigns and incredible combat encounters to experience as a group, and although it’s one of the most expensive games you’ll ever find, it’s also one of the most satisfying.

  • Clue

Clue is a thrilling murder mystery game in which everyone becomes a detective. The Boddy Mansion has been the scene of a murder, and it’s up to you to solve the case. There have only been six suspects, and one of them is you. Look for clues by moving your game pieces through the halls and secret tunnels of the mansion illustrated on the game board. Who was responsible for the death of Mr Boddy? What weapon was it that was used? What happened, and where did it happen? You’ll be able to narrow down the numerous possible solutions to those questions as you locate more clues. It’s a race against the clock to see who can put all of the puzzle pieces together first. It’s always a rush when you finally solve the crime, no matter how old you are.


Poker is a popular game in today’s globe. Many people play games as a kind of entertainment or as a means of earning money. When people think of poker, they usually think of Texas Hold’em, but there are many more varieties of poker that you can play on casino online in Malaysia. It is critical to understand them to choose the finest game for yourself. Poker has a plethora of variations, several of which have emerged in recent years. These forms of poker, which range from well-known classics to up-and-coming varieties, are well worth a try.

Excited friends gambling at craps table in casino
  • Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game right now. If you can locate a card room or website that provides poker games, Texas Hold’em will almost certainly be the featured game, with a variety of tables and stakes to pick from. Many amateurs and professional poker players who began playing or were exposed to the game in the early 2000s will be familiar with No-Limit Texas Hold’em. Since the turn of the millennium, it has been the most frequently televised and publicised of all poker variations, with simple hand rankings and rules to follow.

  • Omaha Hi

Although it is well-known, it is not as well-known as Texas Hold’em. If you know how to play Texas Hold‘em, you’ll find Omaha Hi to be easy to pick up. The main difference between Omaha Hi and Texas Hold’em is that the players are given four cards instead of five. Because there aren’t as many casinos that offer it as Texas Hold’em, it isn’t as popular.

  • 5-Card Stud

A poker game in which the player must have the best five ranking studs to win, and in which players are dealt five cards and may trade up to three of them. 5-card stud is the game to play if you want a simple poker game with a lot of action. The game’s simplicity stems from the fact that it just has one drawing road.

  • 7-Card Stud

Before Texas Hold’em became famous, this game reigned supreme. There’s a little more to it, and it’s widely assumed that it requires greater talent. There are two to eight players in a 7-card stud, and there is no flop or communal cards. Instead, two cards are dealt face down and a third is dealt face up at the start of the game (the hole cards and the door card). You are handed seven cards, three of which are face down and four of which are face-up, and you must choose the best five-card combination. During a hand, your opponent or opponents must show you some of their cards, with everyone showing their hand after the last round of betting. From the seven cards dealt, the player with the best five-card hand wins.

  • Badugi

This is a different kind of poker with a different scoring system. Instead of using five cards for ranking, it uses four. Because of the many rating systems, learning takes time. It dates back to the 1980s and may be found in various casinos as well as in-home games.