My Slot King and Market Glory Game

In this post, we are going to be talking about games that could generate income. So let’s get started with the games shall we. 

My Slot King as Slot Game

Yes, this can be a way to get money. My Slot King is one of the best slot games ever. According to the Slot game review online, it is a pretty reliable site. 

Market Glory Game

Second game in this list is the Market Glory game. With more than ninety thousand players “MarketGlory” proved this game is desirable and fun with the added bonus that in this game can be converted to real money via paypal. “yes” play and get results as real money ..

All you have to do is ‘fight’ and ‘work’ every day. To work you just need to press the ‘work’ button. Please note that you can only work once every 24 hours. To ‘fight’ in the first 2 weeks, you need to fight in the ‘referral fight’ a maximum of 10 times per day. In the first 2 weeks, working and fighting are the main sources for you to generate money. You will get an additional bonus if you work continuously for 3 consecutive days. There are also different bonuses awarded each day automatically that will add up to your balance. If you are looking for referrals for this game you can generate much more.

You will be given gold every day if you have active referrals and also for each of your referrals, you will be paid a few euros as a bonus on every 21 days of each month. The key here is you need to get as many active referrals as you can afford given quite tolerably. I’ve got 6 euros as a bonus by only having 20 active referrals … so imagine if you had 50 or 100 referrals. When you make some money, you need to get some clothes that last for 10 days each. Clothing will give you extra energy and allow you to generate more money when you work and fight. When you have enough money, you can use it to generate a lot more money (for example, by starting your own company) or fight in the arena. You can reach 20 euros to be withdrawn to your paypal account soon, if you are active every day.

Facebook Gaming Stream

When people play games, Facebook gives viewers a place to watch their favourite players. If you’re not in Malaysia, Twitch is the most popular video game broadcasting platform. In Malaysia, however, Facebook is the platform of choice. Despite the fact that they use separate platforms, the two perform distinct roles.

It is quite simple to join the Facebook gaming system. You only need to create a Facebook account, create a page, and begin broadcasting.

How do you get people to come to your event?

To build an audience, promote your gaming page in gaming-related Facebook groups and urge your friends to help by spreading the word to their other friends who play the same video game.