E-book Writing In Malaysia

Reading books can take you to places you have only dreamt of, to faraway lands, different eras, unreachable planets, unbelievable adventures and so on. It also lets you relate to various races, species and whole other creatures. As a result, reading is more than just something to pass the time, it is a part of life for some and for others an escape from the realities of daily existence. With reading, creativity soars to a whole new level, that lets you live out fantasies and in extension, frees your otherwise tired and preoccupied mind. For this reason, some people aspire to become authors, for them to be able to create worlds they can only imagine or to share knowledge and experience to other readers.

Contrary to older times, when becoming an author requires a publishing house and an agent an, in the current setting, electronic books or e-book publishers are on hand to aid future writers to publish independent works. In addition to curating and publishing works of unknown writers, in some cases, these publishers also pay for popular e-books. For those planning to pass the time and eventually earn as an ebook writer, here are some things to know about joining a publishing platform.

It is a community of readers – Publishing platforms are specific social media platforms that support aspiring authors and reading enthusiasts. This support is shown by these platforms’ creation of a free space where writers can write and readers can read independent works. In view of this, publishing platforms create communities of writers and readers. Also, with this setup, there is an endless exchange of ideas and interaction of common minded people.

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It provides an audience for independent work – Another effect of being a community is that independently published work will surely have an attentive audience. With people sharing the same passion in reading, independent works, whatever the genre, will have immediate viewership and in some cases, a following.

It requires social interaction – With viewership comes comments, opinions suggestions and more. To maximize the opportunity to grow as a writer, interactions with readers and writers is a good way to be more socially connected with like-minded people who can share valid and constructive feedback. In addition to gaining constructive feedback, this can also widen social and professional networks.

It can turn independent work to an actual published book – Publishing independent works online can be a profitable hobby and a way to pass the time.  But with practice and the drive to improve, an independently published e-book can turn into an actual published book. This will not only build confidence but it can also be the way to becoming a bona fide author.

Ultimately, writing and becoming an author is not a walk in the park, it takes hard work and perseverance, it does not happen overnight. For this reason, this online work is not as financially rewarding compared to other online projects. Conversely, for those writing e-books, the reward is more intangible, it is for personal fulfilment and sometimes validation of talent.