Best Streaming Platform To Be Content Creators

Best Streaming Platform To Be Content Creators

Pokimane, Valkyrae, Sykkuno . . . you would have figured these big names on one of the most popular streaming platforms on Twitch which earns them a fortune just by playing video games alone. Personalities do sell and help to expand the creativity of content creators such as themselves. Though it may not be for everyone, especially those with internet speed problems. If you have a dream to take a seat among the best streamers in the globe, for effective streaming without any lags that may mess up your live performances in any content you choose to do.

So you have been watching your favorite streamers and your heart could not take it but to give it a try at doing live content for your viewers. You love bringing joy to the world and to yourself by doing what you love. To do so is to pick out the best platform for your dreams to come into reality.

Here are Top 3 best streaming platforms you should consider before beginning your streamer career:


Of course, you could never go wrong with one of the hot spots streaming applications. Twitch has evolved since its presence on the internet in 2009 from live DJ service to video game streamings as exercised now to other livestream content ranging from music, art, STEM and so on. Basically, It also provides many features to ease content creators to stream for their audience as well as benefit the viewers as well like

With the title as best streaming platforms follows suit the complication of practicing its uses. Even if you have your gaming PC which is able to run the streams at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second (fps) with your nifty Time fibre 100mbps home broadband Malaysia, Twitch will not give you such a level unless you register as a Twitch partner.

Youtube Live

Youtube is already as wealthy as it appears from vast numbers of content creators and uploads. Now, the well-known video channel comes up with a new feature since way back to 2008 and has been frequently used since by content creators such as Jackscepticeye and Markiplier. Like the gameplays they did while on live, their part-by-part videos are saved for viewers to watch whenever they miss their favorite Youtubers/Streamers.


Even Pewdiepie, the legend of Youtube himself, uses this platform! DLive promises noteworthy economic terms for creators than other major platforms. This streaming medium generates credits to reward other participating livestream content creators based on their content consumption. DLive does not encourage competition among the creators, rather mutual support which raises positivity in the streaming atmosphere and rid the unnecessary toxicity that has been running wild in the cyber world.

Have you found your platform choice from this list? Make sure to apply Time internet Malaysia for your streaming adventures and have fun on making creative contents for the internet. Time fibre internet for your new journey as a rising streamer!